Lucca Lucca The villas The road of wine Pisa Florence Siena Lucca is one of the most important art cities in Italy, famous also abroad especially for its intact city walls dating back to XV - XVII century which cover a perimeter of about 4,223 m around the historic core of the city.

The monumental historic centre of the city has remained almost intact in its original appearance counting numerous medieval churches of considerable architectural richness, towers, church towers and monumental renaissance palaces of valuable stylistic linearity.

The city also boasts beautiful urban spaces: the most famous certainly is piazza Anfiteatro, sprung from the ruins of the ancient roman amphitheatre by architect Lorenzo Nottolini and unique in its architectural kind.

The narrow medieval via Fillungo is the main road of the historic city which brings together the major shops in the city. Other squares are piazza San Michele, historical core of the city and piazza San Martino, the religious core where the Duomo di San Martino stands.
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