Pisa Lucca The villas The road of wine Pisa Florence Siena Rich in priceless treasures, the city of Pisa is one of the most important art cities in Italy.

Piazza dei Miracoli is the core of its prized artistic and architectonic offer and, where the famous Leaning Tower stands.
The architectural harmony of the arcades of the imposing tower sinuously repeats in the nearby Cathedral and the Baptistry further away, creating a visual and stylistic continuum of rare beauty.
The identity of the medieval Pisa can be found in the neighbourhoods of the historical centre, where a dense intertwine of alleys and churches of the Grand Ducal Pisa branches off.

From the five bridges that cross the Arno, the river around which the city elegantly unfolds, you can admire majestic palaces from the grand ducal era, Romanesque and Gothic churches, medieval and renaissance fortifications.

A view that is particularly spectacular at night, thanks to the light of the lampposts and buildings that reflects in the waters of the river.
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