The road of wine Lucca The villas The road of wine Pisa Florence Siena Established by the region of Tuscany in 1999, La Strada del vino e dell’olio (The Road of Wine and Oil) winds along several paths aimed at enhancing food and wine, local culture and traditions.

You are invited to walk through the streets of La Strada del vino e dell’olio, to enjoy its breath-taking scenery and to enjoy its gastronomic products of the highest quality.

From the Apuane Alps to the Versilia Coast, up to the small medieval villages of the Lucca hills. This wonderful journey among the flavours and traditions of a fertile and lush land where you can visit small medieval villages, elegant aristocratic villas and ancient rural parish churches in the Romanesque style is really worth taking.

Fattoria Camigliano lies precisely on one of these itineraries and is an ideal starting point for long walks along paths lined with vines and olive trees.
The road of wine The area
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