Nero del Gobbo 2013 – DOC Colline Lucchesi Rosso

6000 bottles – 10000 (2014)

NERO DI GOBBO  represents the traditional blend of Sangiovese (80 %), Merlot (10 %) and Syrah (10 %) typical of the wines from the Lucca area.

This wine has a very harmonious character which is due, in addition to the excellent exposure and the ripening of the vineyards, also to the accurate processing techniques of the grape performed by the company.

Fermentation of 90% of the grapes occurs in fact inside special stainless steel tanks so as to preserve the floral notes and the strength of tannins, typical of this type of vine. The fermentation of the remaining 10% of the harvest within special wooden barrels guarantees softness and roundness.

The result being a very pleasant and palatable wine, soft, elegant and mature, very little demanding, able to accompany a tasty cuisine of red meat and game.

Le Calocchie 2014 – DOC Colline Lucchesi  vermentino

3000 bottles

Vermentino is a precious variety of white grape whose origins still remain uncertain. It first got to Italy around the thirteenth century, where it found a well-suited habitat to its growth and spread, and today it has become a very widespread vine in Liguria, Sardinia and Tuscany.

The “Le Calocchie” wine is vinified pure, i.e. produced with grapes belonging to a single grape variety: Vermentino.  This means that this wine is not  subjected to any kind of mixing with other grape, contrary to many wines of this type, atypically flavoured and fruity.

When reaching the winery, the grapes are carefully selected and allowed to macerate cold for 24 hours in order to ease their natural settling. The clear must is then decanted into stainless steel tanks where the alcoholic fermentation takes place at a temperature not higher than 17°C. After a month the lots are selected and joined together to obtain the final mixture.

This wine stands out for its fragrance of delicate notes of herbs of the Mediterranean maquis such as rosemary and sage and spices as white pepper. The taste is soft and enveloping, sapid with pleasant mineral hints that make the tasting persistent in its liveliness and freshness.

Very good with light appetizers, pasta dishes and delicate fish and poultry main courses.


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